How a World SIM Card Works

by | Sep 28, 2012 | Communications

Traveling abroad brings with it many decisions that domestic travel does not. Besides the extra paperwork, more extensive packing and long flights, you will have to think about your communications while traveling. Traveling overseas makes communication not only difficult but expensive if you do not plan correctly. Your U.S.-based cell phone will not work abroad simply by picking it up and making a phone call. You need a world SIM card and an unlocked GSM phone, both of which can come at a high price if you do not plan ahead.

Unlocked GSM Phone

Phones that are not unlocked for GSM capabilities do not work with international bands. This means you will not be able to make phone calls from your phone once you are outside the U.S. or if you can, it will be more expensive than you could imagine. The reason U.S.-based companies lock your cell phone from GSM capabilities is to prohibit you from purchasing or renting a world SIM card at much lower rates than they would charge you. In order to work around this, you can inquire with your current cell phone company about unlocking your phone or rent a world phone from a reputable international cell phone company.

SIM Card

The SIM card is the computer chip that is installed on your phone and allows you to make phone calls. You can choose to buy or rent your world SIM card, depending on your circumstances. If you are a business traveler or are traveling the world for a few months, you are better off purchasing your international SIM card. If this is your first trip or your only trip, there are alternatives to rent the card and save a little more money.

Phone Numbers

When you receive your world SIM card, you have options with your phone number. You will be provided with a U.S. and U.K. number. You can choose which number to give people who need to call you that will make the most sense for their billing purposes as well. Many companies also allow you to forward your existing U.S. phone number to your U.S. number for the world SIM card, making important communications even easier while traveling.

When you travel abroad, communication is important. Rather than waiting until you are at your destination to figure out how you will communicate back home, take care of your phone and SIM card while you are still home. You can save a large amount of money, as well as choose from more options.

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