Keep Bragging with the Auto Body Paint Shop in Newport News, VA

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Automotive

All car owners will agree that the best part about buying a brand-new car is how shiny and well-conditioned it looks. It gives a sense of confidence to drive a vehicle down the road that sparkles in the sunlight and is all around visually appealing. Not only does it do wonders for bragging rights, but it helps to keep a car in good shape when its body is well maintained.

It’s in the best interest to have a trustworthy auto body paint shop on call. Having this number saved in your cell phone is useful for everything from dings whenever the person in the next parking space opens their door too quickly to a natural inconvenience like a hailstorm that causes dents and scratches in the body.

Keep It Like New

No matter the reason, the professionals at the auto body paint shop in Newport News, VA are prepared to make any vehicle that comes through their garage doors look like new again. Not only do they promise to have the vehicle in pre-cash condition once more, but they offer a lifetime warranty on their work.

This is important because it means they are confident that their work will be perfect 100% of the time, and if it’s not, they’ll fix it for free. When an auto body paint shop is that confident, then they’re the perfect shop to go to.

Never Lose Those Bragging Rights

With Bruce’s Super Body Shops’ guaranteed paint match system, there will never be any discoloration where the new paint was placed. It won’t even look different in any way from the unchanged area with the drying process that they use. After applying the finish to the car, it’s placed inside of the paint booth and roasts at over 200 degrees to ensure that it gives a baked-on factory finish. Your car’s paint job will be perfect once again, no matter the damage.

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