New World Technology for an Old World Look

by | Jun 18, 2012 | Home And Garden

There is something naturally satisfying about the appearance of wood. When furnishing and decorating a living space, wood provides a classical appearance, and the tone of wood can provide warmth to the living area. There is also a great amount of diversity to choose from for the appearance and tone. Different woods can provide a different warmth and light to the room as a whole. Wood can be difficult to install and expensive, as well. There is another way, however, to have the classical beauty of wood walls without having to go through the expense. Wood wallpaper is a cotton backed paper with a wood veneer. The surface is wood, but instead of having to replace the entire wall with wood to the point of potentially having to remove the drywall, a wood wallpaper can be installed over the existing drywall giving the desired appearance and feel at a much lower expense. This is especially handy if you live in an apartment or rented house that will let you change wallpaper but the lease won’t allow for major reconstruction of the property.

Wood fits different styles better than anything. If you have a study and want to provide a classic, libraryish appearance, wood wallpaper will help pull that look together, especially if you are fortunate enough to own antique furniture. Other themes are well suited to wood, as well. Ranch or nautical themes work better with wood wallpaper than with paint or other styles of wall coverings. If someone was attempting to create an old sailing ship visual theme, something like grass cloth or a metallic paint wouldn’t suit it like a dark rich wood would. However, a room decorated with wood wallpaper doesn’t need to look stuffy and dark; lighter colors of wood wallpaper can provide the same natural look without being as dark and potentially oppressive.

The best part is that wood wallpaper is something you can order from the Internet. You can get samples of the wood wallpaper you’re interested in, and eventually, the actual product once you’ve settled on one. This means you can use new world technology to help your home or living area obtain a classic old world look and feel. The Internet has become a massive boon to home design as it allows customers to see a wider array of options available to them and to carefully price shop allowing for a maximization of financial savings and aesthetics.

If you’re interested in wood wallpaper, you’d do well to find stores that provide it online, research the looks you like, set your budget, and get your samples before making your final decision with regard to which wood wallpaper suits you your room and your budget best.

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