New York Implant Dentistry Experts Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

by | Feb 26, 2013 | General

Dental implants are often a great way to improve the smile that you have, but they are sometimes misunderstood. In fact, many people have many questions about dental implants before they make the decision to have them installed. Here are some of these questions with answers from your New York implant dentistry experts.

What exactly are dental implants?
Dental implants are basically like dentures and bridges, but they are much more effective and comfortable. These products are installed and bonded in your mouth and they are made to be permanent, unlike dentures. They fill in the gaps where teeth used to be and they bond to existing teeth for a completely natural appearance.

What are some advantages of having a dental implants procedure?
There are several benefits of having dental implants installed in your mouth. For one thing, they will improve your smile. But for some people who have had dentures, dental implants are a great improvement because they make it easier to speak. Dentures often slip around the mouth which can cause mumbling and slurring of words. But since dental implants are installed in your mouth securely, this isn’t a problem. Your New York implant dentistry professionals would also like you to know that dental implants offer increased comfort and better oral health overall.

Who can get dental implants?
Almost anyone can get dental implants if they are healthy enough to go through oral surgery. Also, your gums should be healthy and you should have enough bone to hold the implant in securely. Many New York implant dentistry professionals may object to doing implants for people who don’t have good oral care practices, such as heavy smokers. Others who may not qualify for dental implant procedures include those who have heart disease, diabetes and other problems. The reason is because the procedure can be very taxing and there may be unnecessary complications during the procedure for people with these problems. Consult with your implant dentistry expert to see if you qualify.

Will my insurance cover dental implants?
In most cases, dental implants are not covered by insurance plans. There are some cases, however, when your insurance may cover the costs if the procedure will improve your health. If you are losing teeth and if your health is negatively affected by your current oral health situation, you may get coverage. Discuss coverage with your implant dentistry expert and your health insurance provider to better understand your options.

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