Personalized Wedding Scrolls Make An Eye Catching Wedding Invite

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Creating a wedding card or invitation that makes a statement and stands out above the rest can be a challenge and a search that leads you in circles. For a unique invitation that can be used across many cultures while representing the refinement and sophistication of your event, personalized wedding scrolls make for an eye-catching and memorable wedding invitation for each of your wedding guests.

Hand Dyed

Wedding scrolls are made with the greatest attention to the small but important details that make a difference. Made only out of the finest woolen paper for greater durability and richness of the printed text, each scroll is hand dyed to get the most dramatic effect for the receiver. Each of your guests will recognize the exquisite beauty and regal design of your invitations which will then reflect upon the couple and their families.

Intricate Detail

With the finest hand crafted patterns and designs, intricate details such as printed gold symbols, and quality paper, your wedding scrolls can be a statement for the uniqueness and special occasion your wedding is going to be. Each detail will show the importance and refinement of your event by creating a reverence and honor around your big day.

Vibrant Colors

The bright, hand dyed colors of each woolen paper scroll represents the tradition and liveliness of your event and brings an element of beauty and lure for each of your guests. The bright colors, paired with meaningful designs, makes wedding scrolls a unique and purposeful form of announcing your wedding to those you love most. The deep and rich colors will stand as a symbolism to your guests of the deep love and rich taste you have concerning this most sacred and celebrated event.

Matching Case

Because your attitude about the wedding can be conveyed onto your guests through the right medium, wedding scroll invites show the one-of-a-kind element that your event will have. Sending your message about the event over the top, each scroll is enclosed in a matching case which is protected by a likewise matching envelope. The delivery of your message is protected and elevated by theses finishing details.

Display The Sacredness And Honor Of Your Event

Finally, your event is a most sacred occasion that should be treated with the upmost respect and honor. What better way to display your honor than by sending your guests custom scrolls with traditional colors and symbols?
Wedding scrolls can bring your invitations to the next level, setting them apart from the rest. To portray the sacredness and honorability of your wedding, custom wedding scrolls portray both sophistication and reverence for your big day.

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