Philosophies Utilized in Eating Disorder Treatment Facilities

by | Aug 9, 2012 | Health Care

Eating disorders can include conditions, such as binge eating, anorexia and bulimia. These are conditions that are multi-faceted and require multi-faceted treatment programs. The programs will go through an evolution phase with patients suffering from these conditions.

Everything New

These treatments utilize new information, insights and experiences. The eating disorder treatment facilities come to the condition of the patient as a situation that needs newness to change the thinking and the ways of the past. New information and insights to the patient is that the eating disorder condition is serious enough that it needs to change. New information is the fact that the patient is beautiful, smart and perfect as he or she is.

New experiences will take a longer time to accomplish than the information and insights.  None the less, one small experience is valuable and a stepping stone to build on. The first new experience to the patient with an eating disorder is vitally important because it is the beginning of a new life. Through that, the patient can be guided to the next new aspect until there are more new experiences than there are old experiences.


The philosophy of detoxification is one of “cleaning house.” When cleaning a house, you usually clear things out, then wash and scrub and then put everything back. Eating disorder treatment facilities have a prime focus of cleansing out everything toxic and only putting back new thoughts, habits, information and goals.

Some treatment can be administered in a non-medical point of reference, but there are some patients who arrive in such an unstable physical condition that everything that is done has to be medically supervised. The detoxification is a physical procedure and process that has to be supervised medically in many cases. If a patient is in a fragile state, medically-supervised nutrition will need to be addressed first As patients enter eating disorder facilities, it may be discovered they are also suffering with diabetes. An eating disorder and diabetes together is a dangerous combination.

Go Back to the Root

More times than not, the root of an addiction or an eating disorder is in the patient’s past as far back as childhood. Before recovery can commence, the root cause and reason must be discovered, addressed and dismissed.

Eating disorder treatment facilities put finding the root of the problem at the top of the list so the eating disorder will not grow again.

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