Photographing Your Pregnancy

by | Apr 3, 2013 | Arts

We all take photographs of our most treasured moments; an engagement party, a wedding, a milestone birthday and other special occasions, but it is now becoming very popular to take photographs during the course of a pregnancy too. As well as recording the birth on camera, the actually pregnancy period can be a photo diary of a woman’s experience.

When a woman is pregnant she is said to bloom and glow and it is important to capture the essence of that feeling in a photograph. Most maternity pictures consist of very similar strategies of having the father standing behind the mother-to-be, his arms around her, feeling the ever growing bump in her belly. However, there are so many ways a photograph can capture the moment in a more creative and inventive way.

A good maternity photographer NYC area will be far more incisive about the composition of a photo that is to record the photo diary of your pregnancy. It will be a creative experience that you should enjoy and it should also take you out of the bounds of your own imagination and put you somewhere you never thought you would be. As an example, New York has plenty of attractions and places that would be perfect for taking some off-the-wall maternity shots. How about a view of the two of you overlooking Hudson Bay, or perhaps a night time shot from the top of the Empire State building with the city lights in the background.

Ideas for Photos

Simplicity works best, so any photographer should get too technical. Make the composition of the photo simple. They should keep any extraneous surroundings to a minimum so as not to detract from the main subject of the photograph. It is a good idea to remove anything from the frame that does not directly relate to the picture that is being taken. You are trying to tell a story here and you want everything to matter.

The photographer should also put the mom-to-be at ease and let her know how beautiful she looks. Pregnancy is not always a bowl of cherries and despite much effort some women simply don’t feel beautiful when they are expecting, especially in the early months. If she looks good in a specific shot the photographer should say so, with enthusiasm.

Angles are also important in photography and there’s no law that says you have to always take a side shot of the bump. A creative photographer will take a picture from above, with the legs stretched out, or from the front with the woman’s hand over her belly button or in dim light or every backlit. They will stretch the boundaries and think outside the box. They may also include the rest of the family, so as not to leave anyone out.

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