Proper Care and Use of Your Steinway Piano

by | Jun 22, 2012 | Entertainment

Families that invest in a Steinway piano in Houston have made a choice to enhance the character, sophistication, and creativity in their children. Not only is buying a Steinway piano from a Houston dealer a major investment because of the monetary value, but it is also an opportunity to teach children to have respect for their possessions and to treat them with care. Connecting the love of music with the aesthetic beauty of a Steinway is a lesson that will leave an indelible mark on the character of your child and will be something that likely never leaves her for the rest of her life.

It’s important, therefore, to teach your children how to help take care of your Steinway piano. Houston dealers can provide networks of teachers and instruction to teach your child how to play, but it is, of course, up to you to teach your child how to care for the piano by developing excellent habits with regard to its use.

One of the first things you can do is dust your piano on a regular basis and show your children how to dust it, as well. Using a soft cloth is usually sufficient for both the keys and the finish. Dust and other particles that get inside a piano can cause damage and affect performance values. You can teach your children to only approach the keyboard with clean hands – in other words, to wash their hands before use—no sticky, dirty fingers. Cleaners should not be used, particularly those that have an alcoholic component, since that can damage and crack the keys. Use different cloths for the keys and the finish, as well.

Make sure that your Steinway piano is not ever used as an extra table, or a place upon which books, backpacks, lunchboxes, papers, CDs or other items should be placed or stored. One wouldn’t take a violin or guitar out of its case and use the hollow inside to store paperwork, nor would one cram flowers into a trumpet or trombone and display it for guests. Likewise, a Steinway piano should not multitask as a desk or table. Glasses of water or vases should not be used to decorate it as water can spill or leak into the interior and cause devastating damage.

The only item that should ever be legitimately placed on a piano is sheet music or a metronome. Show respect for your family’s investment, and your children will learn to have respect for their other things, as well.

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