Quality Air Conditioning Services In Gilbert AZ

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

We live in a society of convenience. We enjoy hot and cold running water immediately on tap. We have the benefit of rapid trash removal and the convenience of quickly flushing away any bodily waste. Most of our food is grown for us and much of that is either completely or partially prepared, but perhaps the most beneficial convenience we enjoy is the fingertip control of our home’s temperature.

There are many ways to heat and cool a home. Nature supplies one of the best, simple wind. Unfortunately, natures air moving method doesn’t work real well in cases of extreme weather so humans have developed substitute methods. Heating is probably the easiest aspect of temperature control. For example, simple fire is the primary means to generate heat in practically every heating system available with the exception of electric element based heaters.

Air Conditioning Gilbert AZ on the other hand is much more complex. To cool the air in your home, your air conditioning system must actually remove the heat from the air. This is typically done by condensing chemicals through coils which pick up the existing heat around them. The condensed chemical is then pumped through an outside coil so the heat can be released somewhere away from the area being cooled. This is of course a very simplified description of the overall process but it should suffice to give the reader some idea of what is involved.

Roughly seventy years ago, the chemical of choice for coolants became Freon until it was discovered that Freon was bad for the Earth’s ozone layer. Governments have since created regulations which control the types of coolants many Air Conditioning Gilbert AZ systems are allowed to use. These restrictions make it close to impossible for the average home repairman to effectively make any repairs on their A/C units.

Like any machines, Air Conditioning Gilbert AZ systems need repair and maintenance and with anything mechanical, routine maintenance can help reduce the need for actual repairs. Common maintenance on air conditioners and heating systems is typically cleaning and filter replacements. Likewise, the heating elements and coils should be cleaned and the air flow checked to ensure it reaches every room available.

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