Repair or Replace, how Replacement Refrigerator Seals can Make Replace the Cheaper Option

by | Dec 3, 2012 | Business And Finance

Sometimes replacing is cheaper than repairing. The classic example is a car that costs far more in repairs to make drivable than a replacement would cost. However, sometimes it’s because replacing an individual part is cheaper than repairing the parts that can be repaired. Replacement refrigerator seals stand as an example of that phenomenon. Because actual refrigerator repair (to the mechanical or electrical parts) can be incredibly expensive, and replacing the entire fridge would be very expensive, only having to get replacement refrigerator seals is honestly a good deal for anyone who has any problems with their refrigerator. As such it should be first thing that’s checked if there are any signs of a problem. So what things would be signs of needing replacement refrigerator seals?

The first is that you’re having food consistently spoil or defrost sooner than it should. Bad seals will allow air to leak in and out raising the internal temperature of any refrigerator. There could be a few reasons besides needing replacement refrigerator seals, one of which is simply blue car syndrome. Once you’re on the lookout for something you notice it more and it feels like there’s been an explosion of it. What you need is a rooted empirical way to test it. For example you could simply compare the temperature your fridge is set to, and what it actually reads as, if it’s consistently high then you want to check to see if you need replacement refrigerator seals to improve the control over the air flow. Using a standard empirical quantitative measure like temperature you can more accurately gauge if you have a problem.

The thing about commercial refrigerators or freezers is that they’re incredibly expensive pieces of machinery. Replacing an entire refrigerator is incredibly expensive, and if the more complex machinery is broken and in need of repair it’s not a cheaper option by much. However, replacement refrigerator seals are very cheap, even when you pay someone to cut, and install custom replacement refrigerator seals it’s a cheaper repair than many options. The other good part is that you can keep running the machine while you arrange for the repair, and the fridge will have less time down while the actual repair is happening. When you have to get a repair done on an expensive piece of machinery, or replace any part of it finding a cheaper solution is always a good thing. When evaluating the price difference between two options for replacement or repair, one of the things to keep in mind is the difference between the time that the equipment is out of use.

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