Replacement Windows Harrisburg Experts Answer Common Installation Questions

by | Nov 21, 2012 | Windows

Deciding to replace your current windows with something more modern and fashionable can increase your home’s value and make you proud of its appearance. But if you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of questions before you make your final decision. Here are some common questions and answers from your replacement windows Harrisburg experts.

What exactly is a replacement window?
A replacement window means that you are getting custom built windows that will fit in the space where your current windows are installed. When you decide to have these installed, your replacement windows Harrisburg experts will come to your home to make precise measurements so they can manufacture new windows that will fit directly in those areas.

Why are custom windows preferred over standard-sized windows?
When you buy windows from a company’s inventory, those windows probably won’t fit precisely in the spots where you are having them installed. They might be a decent fit, but they typically won’t seal up the drafts that can enter through the small cracks and it will be more difficult to secure them. If your replacement windows aren’t fitting just right, they could cost you money because they allow air to get in and out. If you are trying to keep your home cool or warm (depending on the season), you need windows that fit perfectly because they are more energy efficient.

What do they mean when they say replacement windows pay for themselves?
If you choose high quality and energy efficient replacement windows, they are designed to reduce your home’s overall energy consumption. By keeping the cold air out in the winter time and the hot air out in the summer months, energy efficient replacement windows will undoubtedly save you money on your utility bills. It’s difficult to say how much you will save because every home is different. However, the savings over the years will be significant and enough to pay for your windows with some left over.

Have vinyl replacement windows changed over the years?
There was a time when vinyl replacement windows made your home look cheap and inefficient. But with advancements made in recent years, vinyl windows are top choice for many homeowners. In addition to being one of the more affordable options, vinyl windows are also decorative and you can choose from a variety of colors. Vinyl windows are also very efficient which makes them a great choice for your replacement window needs.

Replacement windows Harrisburg – Replacement windows can provide a variety of benefits to you and your home. Contact Easy Siders in the greater Harrisburg area if you’d like to give your home a makeover with new windows.

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