Restore Your Carpet After Flood Damage Oahu

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Home Improvement

Water can have damaging effects on many parts of a home. When a home is flooded, there is usually little that can be salvaged. The one area that can sometimes be restored is the flooring. It may seem that carpet would be completely destroyed after a flood, but there are some circumstances in which it can be restored. Carpet cleaning experts can come in with a variety of techniques to dry the carpet out and restore it to pre-flood conditions. The professionals handle Flood Damage Oahu on a regular basis due the frequency of flooding in certain parts of the island.

The first step that the Flood Damage Oahu team will take is to do a thorough inspection. The moisture detection equipment they use will give a clear picture of the water content of the carpet. The next step is begin to dehumidify the area and get as much of the moisture up out of the carpet. The team responds very quickly to flood calls and in most cases will be on site within thirty minutes. Starting this process quickly is the key to restoring the carpet.

After the dehumidification process is underway, the next step is to bring in blowers to start the drying process. Getting moisture out of the carpet is key, but getting everything completely dry is the only way to truly restore the carpet. Almost all carpeting has a pad underneath, and this pad is what will retain much of the moisture. Detecting the moisture in the pad is why using the Flood Damage Oahu team is so crucial. Their state of the art equipment will be able to tell when all elements of the carpet are thoroughly dried.

Once everything is dry, then it is time for the Flood Damage Oahu experts to sanitize and disinfect the carpeted areas. Mold and mildew can begin to grow in carpeting or within a carpet pad if it is allowed to sit for any length of time. After everything is dry, the experts will go the extra step to make sure nothing is growing on or in the carpet. The team of experts is available twenty four hours a day seven days a week to meet the needs of anyone that has suffered flood damage.

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