Starting your day with a cup of fresh roasted ground coffee

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Shopping

For millions of people across the world, day starts with a cup full of roasted ground coffee. People love to have it as it gives them sufficient adrenaline to kick start their day. A cup of roasted ground coffee helps the body overcome any physical or emotional stress. The mere aroma of roasted ground coffee can calm one’s senses.

Roasted ground coffee is the most popular type and a wonderful treat for the taste buds. It is set apart from regular coffee by the careful selection, sorting and drying of the coffee beans. Roasting of beans makes this coffee special. It is important to roast the beans to perfection because under roasting would make roasted ground coffee weak while over roasting will give it burnt taste.

There is a variety of roasted ground coffee to suit every taste. One of the types is the Arabica coffee beans which is very popular in many places across the world. Arabica coffee beans are liked most for their aroma and flavor. With 25 different types of beans and over 6,000 varieties of coffee, 70% of the coffee in the world is being produced from Arabica coffee beans. This coffee is also called as mountain coffee because it is planted at high and moderately cool elevations. These types of conditions enable the Arabica coffee beans to grow more slowly so that they lend good flavor and deep aroma.

The advantage with all types of roasted ground coffee is that they don’t require special preparation. You simply need to brew them in a coffee maker to have a great taste.

Costa Rican coffee is a type of coffee that has mild taste but well balanced in criteria like aroma, taste and texture. Nevertheless it has strong roasted aroma with touch of cocoa which makes it popular. In Costa Rica, plantation of coffee takes place in small farms which are equipped with low-volume mills for individual production. Smaller mills are more capable of producing good quality Costa Rican coffee than larger mills. Costa Rican coffee fruits have distinctive floral smell and vivid color. Brewed Costa Rican coffee is well balanced and rich in taste with an acidic hint.

Portion packs coffee is individually sealed pack of coffee, packed with Nitrogen that prevents oxidation of coffee and helps in preserving its freshness. All the coffees in the portion packs are ground and ready to be brewed. Coffee portion packs contain just the right quantity of ground gourmet coffee sufficient for single serving. It eliminates the guess work in measuring amount of coffee to prepare a mug full of tasty coffee.

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