The Advantages of Scheduling a HVAC Repair in Huntsville, AL: Cost Savings and Health Benefits

by | May 15, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The annual amount of energy used in the United States just to operate our HVAC systems is equivalent to the cumulative energy utilization of the entire continent of Africa, which highlights the significance of our ventilation appliances in today’s day and age.

This brief article will outline the benefits associated with booking a professional HVAC repair in Huntsville, AL and describe how a system upgrade will help offset the initial contractor fees.

A Valuable Return on Your Investment

If you hire a HVAC repair expert and schedule a repair, upgrade, or refurbishment, you’ll be able to recoup a significant portion of the upfront costs:

* According to a prominent ventilation study conducted in 2017, the ROI of an HVAC repair or replacement is approximately 50%, which means that your property’s market value will increase by roughly half of what the new system costs.

* Additionally, you’ll also be able to reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs by anywhere from 15-30% depending on the size and scope of the upgrade.

* As such, a new HVAC system can essentially pay for itself in just 5-7 years, which falls well within the range of today’s equipment warranties.

Plus, a modernized system can last up to 18 years or more with minimal maintenance requirements, which is a far cry from the paltry lifespan of older, outmoded HVAC appliances.

Cleaner, Healthier Air

During an extensive research initiative in 2016, EPA examiners were able to conclude that the typical indoor environment contains 500% more pollutants, allergens, and contaminants than outdoor air – a harrowing development that can be largely attributed to inefficient filtration components and dilapidated ductwork.

This is why your local HVAC repair specialists play such a crucial role nowadays. They can install eco-friendly filters and facilitate hypoallergenic upkeep to ensure a fully sanitized ventilation network and reduce the prevalence of respiratory illnesses.

So if you’re ready to finally upgrade your HVAC appliances and reestablish an energy efficient home, be sure to contact Southern Comfort HVAC LLC for a tailor-made solution according to your budget.

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