The Importance of Proper Drainage and When Repair May Be Needed in MS

by | Jan 16, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Proper drainage, the sort that carries water away from your home after a rain storm or snow melt, plays a key role in helping to protect the foundation of your home, along with many other things. It prevents the pooling of water, soil erosion, and the forming of environments that cater to things like mildew, mold, or mosquito breeding grounds. If you’re seeing things like this occurring in your yard or around the sides of your home, you may need some drainage repair work done.

Over time, if water is allowed to collect and seep in to the ground around the sides of your home, damage to the foundation can begin to occur in the form of stress cracks. Additionally, there may be some very small spots where the concrete of the foundation cracked due to curing, a normal event. But add in water collecting and coming down to these small cracks and you may find that your basement is having some minor flooding issues. If the improper drainage is not addressed, those minor issues could turn in to major issues as the cracks grow larger and substantial amounts of water are allowed in.

If your yard is not graded in a slight downward slope away from the house, drainage can be difficult. All the gutters and downspouts in the world won’t stop water from collecting in your yard if it does not have a suitable means for traveling away. This is where drainage repair might become something to consider. Having the yard re-graded is one option, though it might not be the most practical one. Having a simple drainage system installed is a more realistic option. You will need to contact a company that specializes in this sort of repair work, as they can survey your property and determine exactly what sort of system would be appropriate and where to place it for optimum functionality.

Drainage systems can be either above ground or underground, or a combination of both if necessary. For example, a surface drainage system could consist of a drain opening, generally covered by a grill, placed in an area that is prone to collecting water on the side of your house. The drain would empty in to pipes that slop away from the house, ending in an appropriate exit location. For yards with multiple spots that collect and hold water, an entire system of drains could be installed, with the pipelines connecting to each one, ensuring water is removed quickly. It is important to note that keeping the grill of the drain clear of debris is a must. Otherwise, it will not function as intended. Your installation technician will be able to tell you all the details about your newly repaired drainage system, including how to keep it running efficiently, regardless of the type you choose.


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