The Proper Use of Scales

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Scales

Scales can be found in almost every area of life, from weighing in during your diet to weigh stations for trucks on the highway. There are many hundreds of different uses for scales both in business, industry and for personal use and it’s important to buy the right kind of scale for the purpose you need it for. Scale might not be something one gives every day thought to. We might even take it for granted that when we need one it will be there, but that is not always the case. If you own a business in Reading, PA and you need to weigh your parcels and stamp your own mail you will certainly need some kind of weighing scale to determine the right price to put on their parcel. You may be the owner of a warehouse or distribution center that requires the daily use of scales in Reading, PA to send out packages to customers.

Industrial and Medical Uses

‘Industrial’ covers a massive scope of uses when it comes to scales. Businesses all over the country use scales for an abundance of reasons. Industrial uses are covered by truck weigh stations, conveyor scales-which are generally used as conveyor belts to weigh large items and parcels that are placed on them-belt scales, bench scales-for measuring the weight smaller items and floor scales-used for weighing items that are heavy or huge.
The term ‘industrial’ also covers the use of scales in farming and agriculture. Farmers also use them for weighing baby cattle and animals as well as measuring the weight of feed, seed and grain. Farm scales can be digital or analog, but most farmers use digital read-outs for higher levels of accuracy.

Counting scales are primarily used for counting smaller items such as buttons, pills, gems or other tiny items where weighing is easier than counting by hand. In most situations, counting out hundreds of small items can be time consuming and tedious. A counting scale takes the weight of a certain number of those small items and when you place another pile you can add or subtract until you reach the exact weigh as the first. It makes them extremely convenient and simple to use.

When it comes to medical uses scales are used in hospitals to weigh patients on intake as we as the pharmaceutical industry for weighing tablets, capsules and pills for placement into their packaging. Medical scales for human use can have digital monitors set to eye level or waist level for easy reading and convenience. They are also accurate in assessing BMI and moisture levels as well as offering clear and easy to read large screens. If you need a scale of any kind, locate your local scale sales or rental company and ask for a price quote.

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