The Risks of a Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus, OH

by | Jul 4, 2012 | Animal

A honey bee swarm can be very dangerous around your property. You need to make sure that any honey bee swarm in your area around Columbus, OH is treated as well as possible. The dangers that come with such a swarm are important to think about because of how harmful a swarm might be to anyone who gets around it. The risks can especially include ways how bees can quickly move into certain spots.

A Massive Size

A swarm can be massive. This often occurs when the space for a grouping of bees like a hive has run out. The queen bee, worker bees and some drones in a spot might end up influencing what goes on with the ways how the bees move. They could end up being prompted into an outside area and create a large swarm.

The massive size of the swarm can be important to think about. You might find at least two thousand bees in a single honey bee swarm. You might find some swarms that can have at least ten thousand bees in them. The size is going to vary in each case but this number is a clear sign of how much of a risk a swarm can be.

Easy to Disturb

One risk of a honey bee swarm in Columbus, OH is that it can be easy to disturb. A case where a person who isn’t trained to handle and remove swarms tries to take care of in could end up being risky. Sometimes it takes only one touch of a single bee in the area for the swarm to go as far as to attack the person or other thing that disrupted it.

Injury Risks

Bees are not going to be as likely to sting people when in swarms as they would on their own. However, the large size of a swarm makes it so there is a potentially for at least one or two bees to sting a person. This could create plenty of irritation. It can be particularly deadly for those who have allergies. Therefore, a swarm has to be removed immediately if anything is found near someone who has an allergy risk.

Moving Into Walls

The worst risk that comes with a swarm is the way how a swarm can easily develop. Sometimes a swarm might move into the cracks or walls of a home if there is a good opening available. This is often due to the large size that comes with the insides of the walls. You should be aware of this if you want to get rid of a swarm as soon as possible.

You need to be aware of the risks of a honey bee swarm in Columbus, OH. The risks can be dangerous because they often involve what can happen to areas where the bees are around. The massive size and the stinging risks that come with a swarm can be harmful. The ability of a swarm to move into a wall could be even worse. You must protect your property from swarms if they ever appear around it.

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