Things You Should Know About Sewer Connections Puyallup WA

by | Sep 13, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

There’s more to building a house than picking out a nice spot and picking up some building supplies. Before you can start to do anything, you need to cut through a massive amount of red tape. It seems like you need a different permit or license. This goes for the septic system that you need to have installed. Even though the company you hire to help you out with the sewer system for your new home won’t even consider commencing work on the project until all the proper permits have been approved and filed.

While the company won’t do any physical labor on the project until the permits are done, it doesn’t mean they can’t be of any assistance. In fact, they may prove to be a bigger help than you think. They have been through this process many, many times. They will be able to provide you with information about how to fill out the paper work, and who to talk to about getting it approved. A good septic installation company will make sure that you have no trouble getting your connectors approved.

When you approach a company about sewer connections Puyallup WA the first thing the septic company will want to look at will be whether or not the system you want to have installed can be set up so that it feeds directly into the city sanitation system. If it’s possible for the system to be linked to the city sanitation system, this will be what determines the type of sewer connections Puyallup WA that can be used. It’s unlikely they will want to use any rainwater connections. If the system doesn’t feed into the city sanitation system, you will not be allowed to even consider a rainwater connection.

Another thing that you will want to prepare yourself for will be inspections. Not only will a certified inspector be sent to your home to inspect the connections to make sure that they meet all the local standards. You want to make sure that the septic system to hire a company that has worked with the local inspector. The advantage being that the company will already know exactly what the inspector is looking for when they examine the sewer connections Puyallup WA, and they will also know how the communicate with the inspector. Both of these things can speed up the process.

If someone ever complains about your septic system for any reason, the inspector will return for a follow up investigation. If the inspection reveals a problem, you will have to make arrangement to have the sewer connections Puyallup WA repaired or replaced. If you ignore the inspection, it’s possible for your house to be condemned, and you will be forced to move.


When it comes to sewer connections Puyallup WA will answers all your questions. They don’t care if the questions regard paperwork, or the actual connections.

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