Tips to Find a Reliable Bankruptcy Lawyer Quickly

by | Oct 19, 2011 | Legal Advice

Are you over burdened with your debts? The most appropriate solution available to you in this situation is filing for bankruptcy. It is a legal procedure for relieving debts. It is designed by federal law basically for those people who are unable to repay their debts. So, are you looking forward to file a bankruptcy (insolvency) claim? Start searching for a reliable bankruptcy lawyer having great deal of expertise in this field.

If you have no idea on how to find an experienced and reputable bankruptcy lawyer, then you can go through the following pointers. Hope you’ll get some help:

Scan through the Yellow Pages: The latest edition of the Yellow Pages is always a reliable source of information. Simply go through it to find a bankruptcy lawyer practicing in your state. Apart from the Yellow Pages, there are many other business directories like USA Business Directory, and that you can check out for the same.

References from your family lawyer: Another way of finding a qualified and experienced bankruptcy lawyer is to approach your family lawyer. As he (or she) is also from this industry, he (she) may know some of the best lawyers dealing with insolvency cases. So, feel free and ask him (her).

Ask your relatives, family members, and friends: Remember, as cases related to insolvency are delicate, you should try to keep them confidential as much as possible. That is why, when asking around, you should only ask the people you can rely upon. Asking just about anybody you know may actually make the situation worse.

Once you got the contact details of some of the most reliable and highly qualified bankruptcy lawyers practicing in or around your neighborhood, visit their websites to know more about their services. It will help you look at their client testimonials, qualifications, and offered services. This will help you choose a reliable lawyer based on your preferences. After doing the research work, you should decide on a lawyer. However, before hiring him (or her) you should look for the following:

1.     He (or she) should be a licensed bankruptcy lawyer.

2.     He (or she) should be member of the following associations:

*      National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees

*      American Bar Association
Considering the pointers mentioned above, you should be able to find an efficient bankruptcy lawyer. Rockville based law firms employ some of the best lawyers of the region. So, begin your search right now!

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