Types of Beers You Will Find in Online Beer Stores

by | Aug 2, 2011 | Shopping

There was a time when a beer was just that, a beer. You didn’t worry too much about what it contain. It usually came in a bottle or a can, you popped the cap or the tab, it fizzed, you drank it. At most, people made their selection based on the brand. However, now most people know more about this particular type of alcohol, and their tastes are more refined too. This is why online beer stores have become so popular. Unless your local supermarket specializes in alcoholic beverages, there is very little chance of you finding the kind of variety you find in online beer stores. Before we go deeper into the various types of beer found in these shops, we need to discuss a little bit more about the two main types of this beverage, ale and lager.

The biggest difference between the two are the temperature at which they are brewed and the type of yeast used to make them. Ales are fermented at about 70 degrees, and the type of yeast used is called top fermenting yeast. However, lagers are brewed at a relatively lower temperatures of around 50 degrees and the yeast used is bottom fermenting yeast. Lager also ferment for a longer period of time compared to ales, making the taste milder and crisper. Ales, on the other hand, have a stronger flavor and taste.

Now let us take a look at some of the most common types of ales and lagers available in online beer stores.

Pale Ale: The hop flavor is strong, but the maltiness tends to be low. There are three types of pale ales, American, Indian and English

Scotch Ale: Darker and more malty than their English cousins, the Scotch Ale can have a somewhat smoky flavor.

Belgian Style Ale: Many call it the Champagne of Beers. With a high alcohol content and a distinctive malty flavor, this is a favorite all over the world.

Bock: Bock is a lager, originally from Germany. It has a slow, long maturing process and high alcohol content.

Pilsner: A light beverage, in fact considered by many to be the first light colored beer ever made, Pilsner is bitter and malty. For many, it is what they mean when they say “beer”

Find all these types of beer and many more in any one of the stores selling online beer. San Francisco is one of the many cities in America which are well served by these online beer stores.


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