Upgrade Your Bathroom with Tub to Shower Conversions in San Antonio

by | Aug 12, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

You bought an older home because you liked the nostalgic feeling, appreciate the historical value or just wanted a fixer-upper. Maybe you purchased the home during the recession with plans of flipping it and making some money. Regardless of why you purchased the house, you know that something needs to be done about the bathroom. Leisurely bubble baths may be wonderful on occasion, but a home with a bathtub and no shower is less functional than it once was. You don’t want to remove the historic value of the home, but for the same reason old homes now have indoor plumbing, you need to consider tub to shower conversions.

San Antonio residents over the age of eight are more likely to shower than they are to take a bath. Below are five reasons why.

Faster to Shower

It is faster to shower than it is to bathe, if for no other reason than the time it takes to fill the bathtub with hot water. Instead of having to splash or scoop water to rinse off, you can simply stand under the shower faucet.

Easier to Wash Your Hair in the Shower

Previous generations may not have washed their hair everyday or, in some cases of women with weekly hair setting appointments, ever. For this reason, bathtubs were practical. They were a place to get clean without compromising the hairdo. Times have changed. Tub to shower conversions in San Antonio homes or elsewhere adapt to the current times. It is easier to wash your hair under a showerhead than under a bathtub faucet.

Less Water Usage

Depending on the type of showerhead you use and how quickly you cleanse yourself, showers can actually provide the opportunity to use less water than a bathtub. In a day and age when the central part of the country is experiencing drought conditions, this is an important factor to consider.

Not Sitting in Your Own Grime

If your shower drain has ever become clogged and you have seen the soap and dirt residue that remained after you showered, you have seen a glimpse of the grime you sit in when you take a bath. While it may be slightly disturbing to think about, showers may actually be a cleaner option. Would you sit in a hot tub that wasn’t chlorinated?

Most Buyers Prefer Showers

For these reasons and more, consider tub to shower conversions San Antonio. If you ever plan to sell your home, you will have a wider pool of buyers if the bathroom is already upgraded.

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