When Homeowners Need To Contact A Termite Exterminator In Boynton Beach Florida

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Pest Control Services

When insects get inside the house, it can be frustrating for homeowners, but when termites infest a home, the results can be damaging. When termites are inside the home, individuals should call a pest control company as quickly as possible. Read the information below to learn when homeowners need to contact a professional Termite Exterminator in Boynton Beach Florida.

Termite Waste On The Floor

When homeowners discover small mounds of a substance that resembles sawdust, this is an indication of termites. Since termites consume wood, their waste appears to be sawdust on the floor. Individuals should check all areas of the home that are made with wood or wood byproducts and look for piles of termite waste.

When individuals discover termite waste, they should immediately clean it up and then check the same area every day to see if more waste appears. If so, then individuals have an ongoing termite infestation. The next step is to contact a Termite Exterminator in Boynton Beach Florida to get rid of the infestation.

Termites Mud Tubes On The Foundation

When termites find a suitable wood source inside a house, they build tubes of mud so they can travel safely to and from the house. Termites will often construct these cylindrically shaped tubes of mud on the outside of a basement foundation.

Individuals should periodically walk around the perimeter of their house and look for termite mud tubes. If any of these tubes are found, termites are nearby and likely infesting the home.

Peeling Paint On The Walls

Termites can cause the paint to crack on a wall if they’re eating the wood that’s underneath the painted surface. Moisture that’s created by a termite infestation can also cause the paint to peel.

Cracked and peeling paint can also be caused by water leaks inside the home. Homeowners should contact a Termite Exterminator in Boynton Beach Florida and schedule a termite inspection to determine the exact cause of the peeling paint.

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