Wholesale T Shirt Printing

by | Nov 28, 2012 | Shopping

Whether you need wholesale t shirt printing for a sports team, as uniforms for a small business or to promote a charity event, there is more to acquiring them than you may think. Deciding to make the shirts yourself is a common mistake that not only costs more than ordering them pre-printed but also skips the step of quality control. If you are not already a master screen printer, you may find yourself struggling to meet your quota. But buying them wholesale has its own trip ups. Many places are overpriced, some are more affordable because they are lower quality and many restrict what you can actually have on your shirts.

Buying Online

The great thing about the Internet is the entire world is at your fingertips. When you look for wholesale t shirt printing online, you can find a whole host of printing businesses of every kind. It is important to understand how to find the best places from which to order online.


Once you know how many shirts you need, you can find the exact price every company will charge you. Many places offer greater discounts for higher quantity orders. If a place does not offer these kinds of discounts, move on. Also, steer away from exclusively sports printing sites, especially if wholesale t shirt printing is what you are looking for. These kinds of places are notoriously overpriced, and usually feature their brand name, along with your design, on the shirts.

Professional Quality

There are a lot of people on craft and auction sites that advertise cheap wholesale t shirt printing. Although most of these are probably not scams, you still run the risk of receiving sub-par screen printing. For professional quality, go to the professionals. Most print shops, whether online or a store front, are going to have some kind of quality guarantee. It is a good idea to check this out before you pay them, especially if you are putting down a lot of money for a large quantity of shirts.

Level of Customization

One of the best things about ordering online is a lot of sites have a special widget for creating your own design. You can upload a photo or choose a font and public domain image to use. This is not quite as easy in the store front print shops, where you may be restricted by a catalog and maybe not even allowed to use your own photo without an extra fee.

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