Why Gourmet Popcorn Over Regular Is The Better Choice

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Food and Drink

Americans love popcorn. Baseball games, movies, slumber parties, and family events are just some of the places that people enjoy munching on this delicious, yet simple snack. So, what is gourmet popcorn and where does it fit into American’s culture? There are many places that sell gourmet popcorn in Beaumont, TX. Gourmet popcorn is easily set apart from the regular popcorn most people eat due to a variety of reasons. First, there are remarkable and delicious flavors to choose from. Second, the manner in which the popcorn is made is different and third, the gourmet product promotes a better health factor.

How is Gourmet Popcorn Made?
One of the biggest differences in regular popcorn and gourmet popcorn is the way that it is made. The flavor of the popcorn is completely reliant on how and when it is flavored, as well as the technique used for popping. The best way to create the most fluffy and tastiest popcorn is to air pop high quality popping corn that is all natural. After the popping is complete, they spend time adding the toppings to flavor to ensure all the flavoring will stick. This lengthy and drawn out process that takes care with each step ultimately delivers the delicious taste that only gourmet gives.

How many flavors do they offer?
It is not actually considered ‘gourmet’ popcorn if the flavors offered are limited to cheese, caramel, and butter. Gourmet popcorn in Beaumont, TX has a vast array of flavors. The delicious variety of flavors to choose from should be accommodating to most. The beauty of true gourmet popcorn is the fact that the creators are always willing to figure out the next big flavor by pushing the limits. Gourmet popcorn now features luxurious and extreme offerings with their flavors such as wedding cake, banana pudding, blackened shrimp, bubble gum, and bacon cheeseburger deluxe.

Can it be given as a gift?
Gourmet popcorn is an excellent idea for gift giving. Companies that sell gourmet popcorn will usually package it in the perfect tin for the recipient. Sometimes, you may see an option to purchase a sampler tin that includes different flavors of your choice. The ability to mix it up makes gourmet popcorn the perfect gift for holidays, teacher appreciation or any kind of gift gesture you want to make.

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