Why Use a Phone Tap Detector to Protect Your Case

by | Jul 27, 2012 | Electronics and Electrical

When you talk on the phone, it is reasonable to assume your conversation is private, especially if you aren’t alerted that your call is monitored or recorded. However, with the ability to tap a phone with simple devices, phone tapping occurs more often than it should. If you ever suspect your phone may be tapped, it is important to purchase a phone tap detector.

Whether you are in the middle of a divorce or custody dispute or you are having other problems with someone else, a vindictive person may use a phone tap to try to catch you saying bad things about them. This could help them with their case, showing that you aren’t able to work with them. For instance, if your former spouse can show you are at risk of badmouthing him in front of the children, it can affect your ability to gain custody of the children.

Finding a phone tap early can help reduce the amount of damaging evidence the other person finds. For instance, if your former spouse is trying to prove you won’t encourage a relationship with the children, what you say to someone else when the children aren’t even present really shouldn’t impact the custody. Using a phone tap detector will ensure you catch the tap early and eliminate the risk of any damaging evidence ending up in the wrong hands.

Even if you aren’t sure the phone may be tapped, phone tap detection devices don’t have to cost a lot. If you are in the middle of a court case or even just beginning, it can make you feel better to know for sure that your phone is or is not tapped. If you find that your phone is tapped, you can get the tap removed to prevent the information from getting to the other party. If there is no device found, you can feel confident in your phone conversations.

The thought that someone may be listening on the line to your phone conversations can be frightening, especially if you are facing a court case. Purchasing and using a phone tap detector can help you feel confident your conversations aren’t being recorded or listened in on. This will allow you to vent freely to family and friends and talk confidently with your lawyer without worrying about the information falling into the wrong hands. Everyone should feel safe talking on their own phone line.

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