Chiropractic Treatments Can Reduce Headaches in St Augustine

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Chiropractic

Chiropractors believe that headaches can be caused by pain that starts somewhere else in the body. When the discs in a person’s spine aren’t in the proper alignment and location, they can rub nerves and veins the wrong way. That can send pain signals toward along nerve paths that create headaches. Pain can also occur when some veins become too large and start to rub nerves. Therefore making sure that the spine is in proper alignment is one of the first places that chiropractors start to stop Headaches in St Augustine area.

Tense muscles do the same thing. When they are tight they can pull all sorts of body parts out of alignment. These disrupt nerve signals and can result in a Headaches. Chiropractic care often uses massage therapy to relax muscles and reduce stress. Once the body is fully relaxed, it’s easier for a chiropractor to use gentle manipulations to align the spine. However if the muscles are weak and the tendons and ligaments tense up again, the body can fall out of alignment. That means that the pain can return.

Chiropractors often work with physical therapists so that their patient’s body’s can get stronger and keep their spine in alignment. The physical therapists also make sure that people are flexible, so that tight tendons and ligaments don’t strain lower back muscles and the neck area. Once the body has found it’s natural balance, the spine will be less likely to irritate nerves.

This works best if the patient seeks relief for Headaches St Augustine symptoms as soon as they begin. That will prevent nerves from being damaged and patterns to establish themselves in the body. The longer that a body stays out of alignment, the stronger the muscle memory. Chiropractors have to perform more frequent adjustments. The need for these should lessen as the body becomes more toned and flexible.

Weight loss can also be a valuable tool for helping the body to find it’s proper alignment. As the fat decreases and organs find the room they need, they can function properly. Muscles will have less weight to support and the spine has an easier time maintaining its proper alignment. The body’s hormones improve as it loses fat. Hormonal headaches can be a problem for people, especially women.

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