Details on Small Bathrooms Remodeling in San Antonio

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Small bathrooms remodeling in San Antonio has caught on fire. Homeowners are beginning to see big investments from classing up these tiny spaces. A style is developing that maximizes these smaller spaces as well. Create big luxury in your smaller home with a unique bathroom remodel. Keep an eye on these features to make the most of your space and your dollars.

Combination Features

You can find these in green remodeling magazines and even in hotels. The most common is a sink and toilet unit. These unique configurations fit in nicely with small bathrooms because they make the most of the space available, while providing a water savings.

Using Color and Light Wisely

Dark bathrooms look and feel small, but light and bright bathrooms can be boring. Experts with small bathrooms remodeling in San Antonio can help you balance just the right colors to make your new room look sufficiently roomy. Your contractor may have a design expert on staff or may just be adept at color coordinating. A surefire way to tell is by looking at portfolio photos before settling on a plan.

Luxury Touches

The fun with small bathrooms comes in all the tiny luxuries you can add to small spaces. Think vertically and suspend polished, metallic fixtures from the ceiling. Add a heated towel rack, a skylight with a digital shade or a shower with multiple massage streams to create a worthy escape.

Small Budget Small Bathrooms Remodeling in San Antonio

An additional benefit to redoing the smaller rooms of your home is the return on your investment. All renovations are expensive. Smaller spaces have less expense to consider. This allows you to add luxury touches a larger space might suck up in tiling or other basic features.

The return on this smaller investment, however, often matches what you’ll get from a larger one. A luxury bathroom is a luxury bathroom and adds to the overall feel of your home. Just make sure it doesn’t go overboard. One outstanding room will stand out in a negative way. Likewise, luxury features in a middle-class neighborhood may make it difficult to see a return.

A contractor who specializes in unique small bathrooms remodeling in San Antoniocan help you find just the right features and balance for your home and neighborhood. Choose someone with experience in transforming smaller spaces. You will enjoy your new room all the way to the bank.

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