Senior Care – A Picture of an Ideal Senior Home Care services provider

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Health Care

An aging population has resulted in many retired seniors left alone at home, and in dire need of proper care. They may not have any one to take care of them or they may have children who are not able to take care of them due to their job and other commitments of life. For such people senior home care agencies are a boon. Senior home care agencies lend their expertise in caring for the elderly at their homes, this relieves the anxieties of their children or caregivers about the well-being of the elder members of their family, and it also improves the quality of life of the older people themselves.

Selecting the right senior home care agency may prove to be a confusing process since many have come up and most people may not be aware of how to check their credentials. Though senior home care agencies offer a wide range of services, there are certain basic attributes that should be present in every competent agency. These are:-

1.    Trained staff: A senior home care agency should have a staff of well-trained and qualified nurses, administrators, social workers among others. They should be able to look after the requirements of the old, frail and/or disabled people. The center should have staff trained to provide physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and podiatry care.

2.    Meals: Seniors who are living on their own may not be able to cook their own meals or get proper nutritional meals from the market. Therefore, a senior home care agency should have provisions to supply delicious and nutritious meals according to the requirements of their clients. They should also prepare meals for people who have to follow dietary restrictions due to medical conditions.

3.    Provision of transportation services: This is especially important for elderly folks who are living on their own. They would need to go out for medical appointments and other purposes, but may be unable to do so on their own.

4.    Recreational Services: Loneliness and boredom afflicts many seniors. They get frustrated and depressed due to this. A senior home care agency should also look towards meeting these requirements. They should regularly organize events where the seniors can socialize and get entertained.

5.    Counseling: The agency should have trained counselors who can provide effective counseling services to seniors who may be helped by it.

6.    Personal care: This should include services like bathing the seniors, incontinence management and other regular activities of daily, which the seniors are not able to do themselves because of their frailty.

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